Personal Branding Mini-Courses

Some of my favorite courses & mini-courses that I have created for you to learn at home!

Camera Confidence Challenge

My 5 Day Camera Confidence Challenge - 5 days of simple tips to DIY your photos and increase your confidence so you don't have to run and hide every time someone pulls out a camera!

  • Posing
  • Simple DIY lighting
  • Tips for hair, makeup and styling
  • Creating sets at home for video and skype calls
Personal Branding Mini-Course

This Photoshoot Prep Mini Course takes the some of the best tips from my signature course including:

  • What to wear to your shoot,
  • How to find a great locations in your own neighborhood 
  • Brand Discovery Workbook  
  • 26 minute video 
  • BONUS: My photoshoot prep guide with the same tips I give my private clients.