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Lets get real



  • Rebranding, and looking to reinvent yourself with updated portraits that reflect all the personal transformation and business growth you’ve undergone.
  • Ready to “go pro” and need a headshot photographer that will help you express your individuality, make a strong brand statement, and give you the kind of stand-out online presence that separates you from the industry pack.
  • Eager to experience an inner and outer transformation that renews your confidence in yourself and your business, so you’ll feel unstoppable whenever you see your photographs splashed on your website.
  • Trying to show your customers that there’s a real, warm and trustworthy person behind that business “game face”—someone who understands what they’re going through and wants to help.
  • Searching for inventive ways to capture your brand story, so you can share your vision with the rest of the world in a truly memorable and provocative way.

…your headshots are the first thing people will see when they land on your website. And smart business cookie that you are, you know how much first impressions count.

You need more than a headshot photographer, you need an online image makeover.  

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Want to know more about me?

My deep dark secrets & wild escapades

  1. A series of synchronistic events involving a former spy, a best-selling author and a Chinese-Laotian boxing promoter helped launch my photography career.
  2. My first photography project involved stalking a group of Buddhist monks.
  3. I’m an admitted self-help junkie and audible.com addict who can’t soak in enough neuroscience, so my intuition is almost always spot-on.
  4. My celebrity crushes include neuroscientist Dr. Dan Siegel, Seth Godin and Jason Silva. Smart is sexy.
  5. I got my professional start as a boudoir photographer.
  6. I have two teenage daughters that are both my toughest critics and best teachers.
  7. Deep down I have a bohemian spirit which means I can't go too long without jumping on a plane to go globetrotting and explore far-flung cities.