Tampa Executive Headshots - Shana Bickel, CPA

Meet my newest “website photo makeover” client, Shana Bickel!


Shana the “Holistic CPA” is an avid runner and sports mom so she tends to keep her look very understated and simple. But since many of her clients tend to be hip, stylish female entrepreneurs her look needed a bit of updating to help take her online presence to the next level.

It was important to Shana that her website photographs remained authentic and that potential clients see her not only as the brilliant tax loving, numbers crunching, analytical genius that she is (ok those are MY words not hers!) but ALSO as a fellow small business owner and working mom who is warm, trustworthy and can really understand the issues they are dealing with. I love that Shana has found a way to take her passion for numbers and turn it into a business that helps other entrepreneurial women achieve “full financial health.”

Like most of my clients, Shana wasn't interested in the old-style run of the mill executive headshots. She wanted something more contemporary and branded to fit with her female based business.