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Dr. Moses


I broke down in tears when I saw how easy it was to finally work with my website. I had spent countless hours (years!!) procrastinating because posting a simple blog was too challenging. The site that Heidi made for me was not only MORE beautiful than any of my old sites but I can actually USE it! Why? Why did I wait so long?
— Karen, New Jersey
Shout out to the amazing Heidi Hapanowicz who is my new #bff and a MOST validating person. If you are struggling with your business, or just want clarity on your plan she is your woman. She offers a pick your brain session something everyone should be doing! Thank you SO much for our session! I’ve been having a waterfall of ideas since Monday!
— Catherine Vibert, Photographer - California
Heidi is an amazing teacher/coach! Her strategy session was FULL of useful tasks, not just full of fluff. I HIGHLY recommend it! When someone of her skill and expertise opens up time for a strategy session it would be silly not to take advantage! A lot of people are promoting regurgitated strategies. Heidi custom designed our session! I appreciate that!
— A. Truth, Photographer - Virginia
Heidi is extremely talented and professional, not only as a photographer but a website designer also. We have been thrilled with her work!
— Tobyn DeYoung, Attorney
Heidi is incredible! I launched my FIRST online product and made over $30,000! To say I was in shock is an understatement! If Heidi tells you to do something, trust her! Don’t make excuses (like I did for too long!) Just listen and take action. She knows her stuff. And I have all of the dollars in the bank to prove it!
— Jackie Riley, Makeup & Lifestyle Brand

Jackie Riley


Heidi is a genius when it comes to helping people with their personal branding. Her eye, insight and sheer volume of tips and strategies to get the job done is truly astonishing. I kept finding myself being surprised at the amount of stuff I didn’t even know I didn’t know. It was like coming around a corner to have a whole new world open up in front of me. Her passion, integrity and enthusiasm are downright infectious. Don’t even hesitate to learn from the best in the business. ”
— Anita Watkins, London, Ontario
Elena Bensonoff & Guram Reith of

Elena Bensonoff


Love your professionalism, vision, and ability to truly feel each person and deliver the most amazing photos & websites! So grateful for the beautiful work that you do! You are AMAZING! Thank you!
— Elena Bensonoff, C.RPH, ABAAHP Diplomate, Founder of Orali Perfumes Photographed in Paris, France