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March 9th - 11th
Weekend Intensive with Soness in Tampa, Florida

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Get your speaker bio done in a weekend!

Create your speaker bio + talk topics + leave with the 3 photos every emerging speaker needs that get you booked to speak!

A "Get It Done Now Weekend" with your speaker coach Soness Stevens & branding photographer Heidi Hapanowicz.

Make this is your year of making speaking out both on stage and online a snap!

How do your propel your speaking to the next level?

What makes you stand out for speaking both onstage and online to organizers?  

Your Speaker Bio & Media-sheet!

Use it as your secret marketing tool. Your Speaker’s Media-Sheet helps you verbalize what you do.  Book more talks on a variety of stages to get your ideas out to the people who need you most!

If you’ve been putting off getting photos done, writing a speaker page and organizing your media kit to get booked to speak, you’re not alone.


There’s a lot to pull together…

  • Getting the right photos (who knew you’d need 3 kinds?!)

  • Writing a bio because you know what your copywriter sounds ok, but doesn’t feel quite like you (and it sounds like an About Page anyways).
  • Crafting talk titles and summaries
  • And then hiring a designer so it doesn’t look like a resume or something circa 2001.

And then there’s those pesky little voices wondering...

"I’m just getting started on Your Speaking Journey...am I really a speaker?"

"I have no idea where to start because I don't want to come off as sounding arrogant!"

"How do I get started?  What do I include? What’s relevant?  How can I stand out amongst the crowd?"

"I have comparitis and I feel like because I don't have the amazing experience of someone further along than I am that I’m not enough."

"How can I make time to focus on this?"

I was nervous to even reach out to organizers because I had nothing to present to them.  
Now I feel I have captivating working titles and summaries. I know what I to do to reach out and feel more confident
— Kelly Meyer
With Soness you get so much more than answers to your questions. It’s a work-along session. She’s so invested in success of her students, with compassion, giggles and incredible stories, that most students always stay till the very end and even then nobody wants to leave! I feel like I’m at a gathering with my closest friends from all over the world discussing deep topics. We laugh, cry, sometimes dance, get silly. But most of all, we get to the core of our course work, and get it done.
— Natalia Levey, Founder of Healthy Intent

Here’s the thing, most people say they want to do more speaking this year, start by writing “Speaker, Author, Coach” all over the place thinking that’s what makes a speaker.

soensss 2.jpg

As a TED & 3-time TEDx speaker, and coach to over 115+ TED and TEDx speakers, I can tell you writing those 3 words doesn’t get you the gigs.  It doesn’t even get you a TEDx talk.  

Wanna know what does?

Focusing on who you are as a speaker: your speaker brand.

And it’s not the same as your business brand.

It’s a whole new way of deciding how you choose to show up on stage and online platforms.

Even if you’re just starting out, you have to make the time for reflection, asking yourself the deeper questions, and endow yourself with the gifts you share with the world.

My speakers don’t speak because they want the spotlight. They don’t even speak because they want to. They speak because they have to!

To catalyze changes in the world. It starts with you.  It starts with us.

Imagine this...

There’s a call for speakers.  Without hesitation you send over your speaker media sheet and in no time at all you get the call:  “We want you!”

Next thing you know you are coming off stage to raving fans rushing to tell you, “Wow, what you said really changed me!  

People reach out asking for your help.  

You feel confident that your ideas are valued by the people who need you most.

Carolyn-Herfurth-01 (1) 2.JPG

Changing the world one word, one person, one platform at a time.

See yourself getting your message out on a grander scale easily.
You don’t do it for the money, the fame of stealing the show, or to get in the spotlight.

You do it because you have to.

No one else can share your message, in your unique way.  You can see the clients asking to work with you, students clamoring to take your courses, and bigger speaking events coming in daily.  

Imagine speaking online, on podcasts, gracing stages across the country and around the world...until one day you Step On the Red Dot™.

This is just the beginning of your speaking journey.  You know it’s time you stepped out.  

This weekend, you are ready to begin with...

Your Speaker Bio & Media Sheet with Brand Photography!  

Part One - Your Speaker Bio 

Hi! I'm Soness! I’m the #1 TEDx Speaker Coach.


Soness Stevens

When you search for TED speaker coach, I’m the one the pops up.  And I know zilch about SEO, been off social media for the past year, and focus only on speaking.  I only rise to the top because my speakers rise to the top!

I’ve trained over 115 TED & TEDx speakers around the world.

As an international speaker, I’ll show you how my speakers and I get booked to speak across the globe beyond TED...instead focusing on all platforms both on stage and online.

I understand the feelings of not only trying to scramble to write your bio for their pamphlet as organizers ping you “Send your bio by…”  plus feeling inadequate looking at other speaker’s bios.  

And then there’s figuring out the subtle differences between your website about page bio and your speaker essence bio to get more speaking engagements.

When are you gonna make time to do that?  

But you know what? The time is now. 

What are you waiting for?

We’ll work through these together. Hand in hand we’ll take the time this weekend to build your confidence, competence, and momentum.



How long have you been saying, “I know I should be speaking, but I have to.......first” ?


That, my friend, is resistance.

It’s human to give in to the resistance.

Resistance tells us to rationalize.  

As Stephen Pressfield says, “We don’t tell ourselves, ‘I’m never going to write my symphony.’ Instead we say, ‘I am going to write my symphony; I’m just going to start tomorrow.

I’ll do it after I...” is resistance in the form of procrastination.  

Something held you back and you hadn’t made it a priority.  The world can’t wait any more for you.  It needs you now.  

There’s wisdom in this old Chinese proverb:

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."

Simply roll up your sleeves, work intensively, and get things done.  

Take this weekend to make your speaking journey a priority!

Your Speaker Bio Media Sheet


One of the most important tools for both emerging speakers and experienced speakers is your speaker bio media-sheet.

You’ll need one for:

  • Calls for submissions for events

  • Coming across as professional, organized and easy to work with for event organizers

  • Attaching to your emails for Easy Access Speaking Engagements both onstage and online

  • Create the basis for your speaker pages on your website and other people’s websites.

  • For interviews, media, blogs, TV, podcasts, magazines, public relations and speaker marketing.

This weekend is for both emerging and more experienced speakers:


You may have some speaking experience onstage and online.  You might have a bio but not necessarily a speaker bio.  You’ve already got talks and summaries that get you booked to speak at Easy Access Speaking Engagements either onstage or online.


You may have some speaking experience onstage and online.  You might have a bio but not necessarily a speaker bio.  You’ve already got talks and summaries that get you booked to speak at Easy Access Speaking Engagements either onstage or online.


Here’s the thing: Sometimes we have a hard time writing about ourselves.

Where do you begin?  

How do you get started without the sudden
urgency to clean the whole house?

What do you include?

What’s relevant?

How will it make you stand out amongst the crowd? 

This weekend. We're here to help.

Your Speaker Bio & Promotional One-sheet is your secret marketing tool!  Your speaker promo sheet is your Speaker’s Media-Sheet - it helps you verbalize what you do.  Book more talks on a variety of stages to get your ideas out to the people who need you most!


Build Your Speaker Bio Live! March 9th to 11th

You'll get to...

  • Write a non-pretentious speaker bio that gets you booked

  • Your bio and your speaker bio are a little different in how they position you as a speaker and what keywords organizers are wanting for their audiences.
  • You’ll discover  Your Speaking Essence through fun exercises that takes you out of your head and into owning who you are and who are evolving into.  
  • You see how to avoid writing a bio without sounding like an ego on legs and instead write in a way that expresses who you are clearly and concisely
  • Take the right photos to represent your Speaker Brand.

  • Get the social media pic you that stops eyes from scrolling
  • Capture your lifestyle photos popping with personality
  • Speaking photos exuding your speaker essence
  • Get Toot-Your-Horn-For-You-Testimonials.

  • Feel more comfortable getting the testimonials that represent the speaker you are whether you have lots of speaking experience or are just emerging. Know what elements you need in a testimonial to get booked for more stages.
  • Use my non-designer friendly, clean speaker one-sheet template

Let’s do it!







Part Two - Your Speaker Bio Photos

What about the photos? What kind of photos does a speaker need?

  • Speaking Photos exuding your speaker essence.

  • Lifestyle photos popping with your personality.

  • Social media headshots that stop people mid-scroll.


Branding Photographer Heidi Hapanowicz

You'll work with International Personal Branding Photographer Heidi Hapanowicz to create the perfect branded photos for your kit.


Heidi has worked with clients all over the world and is a pro at getting the perfect branded images for her clients! 

Camera shy? Feel as if you're not photogenic? You're in good hands! Heidi is skilled at working with the most camera-shy speakers.


She'll have her team of hair & and makeup artists there to turn you into the star you are!  She'll even help you pick the perfect outfits for your photos!

Leave with the exact photos you need - gorgeous, professional, fully-edited digital images to add to your speaker bio packet!

Booked separately, this package would cost you close to $10,000! Two VIP Days with Soness + Lifestyle Shoot with Heidi + Templates and MORE!  We're offering you an INTRODUCTORY RATE:

Your Investment - $2,500

 London, England Health Coach, Parm Manhas
Speaker Bio Weekend Workshop

Join us in Tampa, Florida for a live, in person speaker bio intensive! You'll leave with your finished speaker bio, your headshot and lifestyle photograph for your kit!

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The Details & FAQs


When: March 9th to 11th

Where: Sunny Tampa, Florida! The weather in Tampa is close to PERFECT in March! And it's a super easy trip from most US cities! Tampa International is one of the best airports in the country! We're also just a 90 min drive from Orlando!

The event will be hosted near downtown Tampa a 10 minute ride from the airport. There is an abundance of hotels and Airbnb's and we'll be happy to provide you with suggestions.

How will I get around?

Tampa is a small city and Uber is easy to catch! There is no need to rent a car.  An uber ride is about $15 from the airport to most downtown hotels.

What's included:

  • You'll get two fully packed days with us in Tampa.
  • You'll work with Soness (both alone and in a small group) on your Speaker Bio.
  • Next you'll alternate time with Heidi's team of stylists for a custom branded photoshoot - complete with makeover! 
  • All of this will be into non-designer friendly, clean speaker one-sheet template!

Airport, transportation hotels & optional evening dinners out are not included.

But, Soness! I don't have much notice!

Guess what? It's great practice for speaking b/c often you WON'T have notice! You need to be prepared to jump on an opportunity  And when the right talk comes? You'll have everything you need RIGHT at your fingertips to take advantage of it!

We are currently working on hosting another Speaker Bio Weekend! If you'd like to be notified when we open for registration please let leave your email and we'll add you to the waitlist! 



heidi@heidihapanowicz.com or soness@yourspeakingjourney.com