THAT one time I was a Wanna-Be Instagram Model

Confession: I’ve been hiding BEHIND the camera.  Months of travel + living out of suitcases + straight up beauty regime laziness has caught up with me.

I'd relinquished myself to the "It's just easier to wear a ponytail to work because it's all about my clients looking good anyway" status.  And have YOU ever tried to blow out waist length hair with a hotel blowdryer?

But, I had made a commitment to record videos for my upcoming Food Photography course with my friend, Chef Natalia Levey.

Tip: There is NOTHING like a permanent date set in the calendar to help you punt procrastination.


As the deadline drew near and fears kicked in, I did what ANY self-respecting victim of too few haircuts and too much black box hair dye (damn those grays!) would do:

I stalked my friend/stylist Kellie on every social media channel possible until she finally got annoyed enough to fit me in during her busiest season.

3 days, 17 hours and one girl’s trip for Kellie & I to visit London planned....

I emerged looking and feeling like the entrepreneurial version of Beyonce's Sasha Fierce. Show me the camera!!!


I don’t know what kind of magical Benjamin Button Beauty potion she added to my Olaplex, but I'm convinced I look 10 years younger & feel like a new person!

Do you know what happens when have a major transformation like this?

You want everyone to see it. 

(This includes, but is not limited to, any ex-boyfriends who you may have noticed stalking your social media accounts lately 😉

The day of our recording, I hired one of my hair & makeup artists to give me the full on VIP treatment - usually reserved for my photoshoot clients. Complete with airbrushed makeup and Kardashian like contouring. 

Do you know what I thought about the day of my shoot?

  • How great my hair looked.

  • How much younger I looked. (Do you see a pattern here?)

  • How many Instagram stories about my hair I could do without becoming completely annoying?  Hint: It's a LOT!  People LOVE makeovers!

  • What videos could I make so I didn't waste a precious second of this glorious good hair day?

  • Could I start planning Facebook lives, interviews and all engagements around my blow-drys?  

Do you know what I didn’t think about?

  • That I had gained 10 pounds during my travels.

  • That my recent birthday had put me a lot closer to middle-aged than college-aged.

  • That I should have waited until I lost weight, got botox, whitened my teeth, etc.,

  • How much I HATE creating video!

Instead I just had FUN!

What a concept, right? 

I teach this stuff. I watch my clients have this kind of transformation on a daily basis.  But it's been a while since I'd "walked my talk".

I've been telling myself for months that I would record videos but there was just SO much I had to do first:  I desperately needed to alphabetize my 2011 closed-out client's file folders, clear out my sock drawer, transfer data from old floppy discs onto new hard drive, dust the holiday dishes and wrap them back up where the won't be used again this year.

Are you feeling me here?

We live in a world where visibility is a must-have to grow our business.

BUT it can be especially hard to BE visible if you're naturally an introvert who prefers to work from home and is most comfortable in flannel pajamas, a ponytail with a dab of coconut oil instead of hair gel thrown in for good measure.  

And it's easy to keep making excuses.  

I KNOW from working with my clients that the quickest way to beat shyness and get your visibility game back on is to allow for some extreme self-indulgence. A great stylist and makeover team is better than 5 years of coaching or therapy.

Things my clients tell me on a daily basis:

  • I have NEVER looked so amazing!

  • I can’t stop staring at my photos!

  • I finally have the confidence to raise my prices, share my new website, book a speaking gig, publicly promote myself, etc.

Highlight Game. #Fierce

And, this month, for the first time in a long time, I had my own personal taste of what they experience. 

A reminder of what got me into this business in the first place. 

As the saying goes, “Good hair does not stay home on a Friday” or a Monday afternoon either for that matter. ;) 

In this crazy little online world, a side effect of shameless self-promotion is actually a GOOD thing.
So, I'd love to know:

  • What's holding you back from shamelessly self promoting yourself this coming year?

  • What excuses do you tell yourself so you can keep avoiding the camera?

  • What steps do you need to take to push past these fears?

As I plan out my 2019, a complete personal brand overhaul is on the calendar.  Which, of course, will include a #hexcode to match my highlights. 

Because, clearly. ;)