Resilience Coach Carrie Charles


America's Resilience coach Charles called me because she was ready for a complete makeover on her website.

Carrie is a former U.S. Marine, Certified Financial Planner, Strategic Intervention Coach, NLP practitioner, Lifestyle and Business Coach. She spent 25 years with the Landmark Program and is the creator of the “Limitless Method” and author of an upcoming book. On top of that she’s drop dead gorgeous and a mom of two busy teenagers.

Carrie felt the website photos she had taken a few years back no longer fit her evolving brand. We discussed her vision and put together a plan to show the many sides of her life and personality. It was important for Carrie to be authentic and the photos needed to represent not only who she is as a business person, but as a women and mother who had overcome pretty much every obstacle life could give a person and THRIVE.

Carrie’s shoot has special meaning to me because just days before I got her call I had put a very private intention out to the world that I really wanted my business to focus on women entreprenuers. I was dealing with some HUGE personal challenges of my own and wanted to manifest inspiring people into my world.  And manifest I did! Go big or go home! The universe sure came through on this one. The synchronistic timing, combined with the fact that we have so much in common (she is the only other person I have ever met who devours self-help authors and workshops as much as I do) and even showed up at the photoshoot with the same outfit!  This is as clear of a sign as any that this girl will be a lifelong friend!

One of the things I love about my job is my clients really DO become my friends, we do more than just take pictures, I really try to dig deep and understand who they are and what message they want to send to the world.

Let me know what you think? Did we capture the essence of Carrie?