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Modern & easy to manage websites so you can focus on building your brand, working with dream clients & making that money honey! Isn't that what running a business is about?

Otherwise, you just have a hobby.


Websites & Digital Marketing - That you don't need an advanced degree, pocket protector or be a tech-nerd to understand. 

You're great at what YOU do (attorney, artist, acrobat?) but the "running a business" part feels like an entirely separate job! And, you can hardly keep up with the first one!

  • You are frustrated with all things tech related. It seems there is something new to learn each week and you can't keep up!
  • For the first time ever you can relate to your grandfather who was afraid of all things "new" He didn't trust ATM cards, cell phones or microwaves.  
  • You want a beautiful website that you can feel proud to send clients to, but also something easy-to-updatepost blogs or make simple changes without having to call in a professional every time.
  • You've heard things like creating a brand, content marketing, newslettersFacebook ads, blogging and SEO are all important but to be honest you don't know where to start or who to trust.  
  • You don't know your S-E-O or your C-S-S from your A-S-S and you want someone to interpret it for you. Preferably NOT your 11 year old nephew. But so far he's been your best option.

    That's where I come in...





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Hi! I'm Heidi!


I've worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs just like you creating beautiful images and brands for their business.

I'd send them off with gorgeous high-end images and they'd come back with cringe worthy design jobs & botched websites more confused than ever.

And many of these people were paying a LOT of money to these "experts" for things they really didn't need.  

Lesson #1:  Unless you're Elon Musk. Or Amazon. You DO NOT need a $50,000 website. Especially if your business hasn't made that much money in a year.  

I've watched small business owners waste tens of thousands of dollars on things they didn't need, couldn't understand or were simply far too big for their (virtual) britches. Often they'd never even had a paying client and yet were told they needed to create a site intended for a multi-million dollar business.

Or, and this one REALLY hits a nerve with me, they HAVE a website they just have no idea how to access iteven though they are pretty sure they've been paying for it for months b/c it's "being held hostage by their web designer"  A particularly favorite expression of mine.

Here's the deal:


Every small business owner deserves a gorgeous, well-designed site that doesn't require constant updates, plug-ins and a team of people to manage it for them.

And guess what? You can have it!

I've used an app on my phone to have everything delivered to my hotel from a Birkin bag to a blowdry service while flying 30,000 feet over the Atlantic Ocean sipping a glass of Prosecco.  Elon is about to land on Mars. There is a pill that allows blind people to SEE.

We HAVE the tools to get this stuff done.

The problem?  A lot of online "experts" are using 2008 solutions to solve 2018 problems.

Lesson #2: You don't need a degree from MIT to update your blog. But, there are a lot of dodgy characters out there who will convince you that you do. 

Or, preferably, that you pay THEM monthly to do it for you.  


Whether you sell houses or design them, work as a fitness coach, a chef or a nurse. You don't have the time or desire to learn another skill.  But you SHOULD understand how the very basics of your business work.

New information moves SO fast it's hard for the average person to keep up. 

The good news? I GEEK OUT on this stuff.  So you don't have to.

I'm here to get you focused. Get your website launched. Your business running.  And to give you ONLY what you need. 

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Go on now! Tell me more.....

  • Beautiful, clean modern designs. Like it or not when it comes to your online presence, looks DO matter. Especially to women. Or so the studies tell us.  
  • Seamless shopping cart integration. So you can sell physical, digital or service based products. 
  • The ability to easily make changes and update your site on your own!
  • Post blogs, with photos, right from your cell phone, to your website as easy as if you're posting Facebook! 
  • A site designed to capture leads.  That means we'll integrate with your email marketing provider - Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Aweber, LeadPages, etc.
  • Mobile optimized. Because it's 2018 and Google wants you to. 
  • Easy to track metrics. How many people are coming to your site and where are they coming from?
  • Gorgeous photos! Because a website is not a website without photos. Also, see #1 above.







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Package One

Website + Photos Starter Package - $2,499

This package is for you if you are new in business and/or need to get your first site up and running in a short amount of time.  

  • Headshot Photoshoot (approx 2 hours)
  • 2-3 page site (Home, Contact + Services)
  • Shopping Cart Integration (up to 3 products or services)
  • Email Contact Form
  • Sites can be launched in as little as 2 weeks.

Level 2 Website Package + Marketing - $4,999

You need more than a basic website. You'd also like help understanding exactly HOW to move forward.  Perhaps your new to the online world and would love to have someone to answer questions like about social media strategy, content marketing, etc.   I've combined the best of both worlds to give you JUST the right amount to get you started (but not overwhelmed)

  • 1/2 Day Lifestyle Photo Shoot for your site
  • 5 page website (Home, Contact, About, FAQ + Services)
  • Shopping Cart Integration (w up to 5 products or services)
  • Email List & Newsletter/Opt-In Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization Integration
  • Install FB Tracking Pixel & launch first retargeted Facebook Ad.
  • 1/2 Day One-On-One session with Heidi to answer questions & lay out a starter marketing plan for your business.

Package Two


Package Three

Level 3 - Website + Marketing  - $9,999

You've been in business for a bit longer and/or you are ready to go ALL IN and need more than just a basic setup.  You'd also like help understanding exactly HOW to move forward and have a strategic plan of action laid out for you to help you grow. 

  • Full Day Lifestyle Shoot
  • 10 page site (Home, Contact, About, FAQ + Services)
  • Shopping Cart/Product Integration (up to 10 products or services)
  • Email List & Newsletter/Opt-In Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Set Up Site & Run First Round of Retargeted Facebook Ads
  • Intensive Brand Concept and Strategy
  • 1/2 Day One-On-One session with Heidi to lay out a marketing plan for your business moving forward.
  • 4 One-Hour Skype Marketing/Coaching Sessions
  • 60 Days of unlimited email/phone access to Heidi for coaching, business & marketing questions, etc.

A few of the clients I've worked with...

Dr. Bridget Cooper
Posh Furtography
Simply Fit Foodie
Jen Carlstedt, Realtor
Lindsay Marino, Intuitive Medium

Natalia Levey, Healthy Intent
Spectra Wellness Center
The DeYoung Law Firm
A&E Recruiting
Jaclyn Shedden
Embellishments Decor & Design

Moses Bernard 2.jpeg

Dr. Moses


I broke down in tears when I saw how easy it was to finally work with my website. I had spent countless hours (years!!) procrastinating because posting a simple blog was too challenging. The site that Heidi made for me was not only MORE beautiful than any of my old sites but I can actually USE it! Why? Why did I wait so long?
— Karen, New Jersey
Shout out to the amazing Heidi Hapanowicz who is my new #bff and a MOST validating person. If you are struggling with your business, or just want clarity on your plan she is your woman. She offers a pick your brain session something everyone should be doing! Thank you SO much for our session! I’ve been having a waterfall of ideas since Monday!
— Catherine Vibert, Photographer - California
Heidi is an amazing teacher/coach! Her strategy session was FULL of useful tasks, not just full of fluff. I HIGHLY recommend it! When someone of her skill and expertise opens up time for a strategy session it would be silly not to take advantage! A lot of people are promoting regurgitated strategies. Heidi custom designed our session! I appreciate that!
— A. Truth, Photographer - Virginia
Heidi is extremely talented and professional, not only as a photographer but a website designer also. We have been thrilled with her work!
— Tobyn DeYoung, Attorney
Heidi is incredible! I launched my FIRST online product and made over $30,000! To say I was in shock is an understatement! If Heidi tells you to do something, trust her! Don’t make excuses (like I did for too long!) Just listen and take action. She knows her stuff. And I have all of the dollars in the bank to prove it!
— Jackie Riley, Makeup & Lifestyle Brand

Jackie Riley


Heidi is a genius when it comes to helping people with their personal branding. Her eye, insight and sheer volume of tips and strategies to get the job done is truly astonishing. I kept finding myself being surprised at the amount of stuff I didn’t even know I didn’t know. It was like coming around a corner to have a whole new world open up in front of me. Her passion, integrity and enthusiasm are downright infectious. Don’t even hesitate to learn from the best in the business. ”
— Anita Watkins, London, Ontario
Elena Bensonoff & Guram Reith of Wholistic.com

Elena Bensonoff


Love your professionalism, vision, and ability to truly feel each person and deliver the most amazing photos & websites! So grateful for the beautiful work that you do! You are AMAZING! Thank you!
— Elena Bensonoff, C.RPH, ABAAHP Diplomate, Founder of Orali Perfumes Photographed in Paris, France

I'm think I'm ready,
but, I have a few more questions...