Radio Host & Intuitive Lindsay Marino


Personal Branding Photographs of Lindsay Marino taken by Heidi Hapanowicz a branding photographer for entrepreneurs in Tampa, Florida.

Radio show host and intuitive medium Lindsay Marino came to me for an updated website photo and was ready to take the next step to personal branding and lifestyle photoshoot with me. While there was nothing wrong with the photo she was currently using she only had ONE and it was several years old. With her booming career she knew it was time for a bit more variety.

Lindsay, a former elementary school teacher, had recently turned in the keys to her classroom for full time work as a psychic medium. Lindsay’s inspirational story started when she lost her fiance in a tragic accident. After that her intuitive gifts began to develop and she started helping others connect with their loved ones. Lindsay is a Reiki instructor, a Certified Spiritual Advisor who trained with renowned psychic Lisa Williams and hosts her own radio show on Sedona Talk Radio where she has interviewed renowned guests such as Serena Dyer (Wayne Dyer’s daughter) and Anita Morjanni.

As Lindsay’s career grows it’s time for her look to grow with it.  We discussed her goals and felt she needed a look that was a bit more current and less…well…..elementary school teacher.  Lindsay wants to reach out to a crowd of people who are still a bit on the edge as believers and show that mediumship and intuition is no longer defined by the earthy crunchy mumu wearing women of days past. Lindsay is preparing to launch an online course that teaches entrepreneurs how accessing their own intuition in combination with a very clear intention and actionable steps can help them build the business of their dreams.

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