Personal Branding Photography

Personal Branding Photography for Female Entrepreneurs

Victoria Auger is a "curator of lifestyle design and interiors." In simple terms it means that she can style anything from your home, your wardrobe or even your table.  Yes, the multi-talented Victoria is also a gourmet cook.

Victoria didn't care for the old style traditional business headshots.  As a creative, she wanted something more sophisticated, personal and branded for her site.   We spent time searching for most unique locations in Tampa for her photo shoot.  We started at the gorgeous Hollingsworth Showroom on Kennedy.  They were incredibly generous and let us take over the space for the morning.  There was so many gorgeous natural "sets' I could have stayed all day and never tired. If you haven't been to Hollingsworth I highly recommend you check it out!  

I'll be posting more about her personal branding photoshoot later this month along with a sneak peek and behind the scenes look at her shoot.  

Heidi Hapanowicz, Personal Branding Photographer for Entrepreneurs.  Download my Top Ten Tips to Look Better in Photos.....Instantly!