Last Minute Event Style Tips

One of the biggest struggles women entrepreneurs have is knowing what to do when it's time to ditch the yoga pants and actually be seen out in public! 😳 The horror, right?  My clients often share that they've been invited to events (sometimes at the very last minute) and ended up turning them down because they didn't know what to wear. 

Since getting out and networking is almost always good for business, I don't want fear, frustration or just plain being fed up to get in your way.  

Here's a few last minute tips I put together to help you out in a pinch:

1.  Super simple style tip: When choosing an outfit, you can’t go wrong if you stick to one solid color from top to bottom. It's figure flattering, flows beautifully and looks great in photos. My personal fav?  A one piece fitted dress. 

2.  Keep a pair of comfortable nude, platform shoes on hand.  Not only does the platform make them easier to walk in, they’ll make your legs look miles long.  Plus, they match everything.  

3.  Get a professional blow-dry for your hair.  A good hair day makes everyone feel better.  They have "blow bar" salons in almost every city now and most take walk-ins. 

For the love of all things holy. If it’s raining, don’t risk arriving looking like a drenched rat......or in my case cave-woman hair.   Pull your hair back in a sleek pony or have someone style it for you.  I’m a huge fan of these adorable little side buns my friend Kellie can do. I haven’t quite mastered it myself yet was a lifesaver for me when I had to attend an event during a Florida downpour.

4.  If you have a few days warning and you really want something fabulous, consider renting your outfit from Rent-the-Runway.  Once a photo of you in that red dress is posted all over Facebook, you’re probably not going to want to wear it in public again anyway.  You can order designer styles right from the comfort of your own couch (or in bed while binge watching House of Cards episodes) and have it shipped to your doorstep within a few days. They even take care of the dry cleaning.  #score

5.  Don't be a poser - EXCEPT in front of a camera. ;)  Learn the proper way to stand in a photo. One foot slightly back, the other out in front & slightly turned can really slim the body.  Watch the way the stars on the red-carpet do it and then practice in front of the mirror.   Even better, have someone take a few test shots of you know exactly what to do for the real thing.

6.  A few too many crumbs on your keyboard and a few too miles on your treadmill?  I feel your pain.  Spanx can be a girl's temporary best friend.  I ❤️ them.......almost as much as I do my chips and spicy hummus.   

7. Positioning.  It's not just for brands.  Know where *you* look best in a photo.  You will RARELY find a photo of me where I am not in the middle.  Do I have some sort of a “look at me" ego problem?  No, but I do have some boobs.  Are you with me C+ cup ladies? If I'm standing sideways in a photo I just look pregnant.  Yuck.  So, I’ll pretty much knock everyone around me out of the way so I have a center spot.  My friends all know this and are willing to indulge me. 😉

8.  Keep your chin SLIGHTLY down. You don’t want people looking up your nose.

9.  Use it then lose it. Take off the unsightly name tags.  I personally LOVE name tags, mostly because I really suck at remembering people's names, but they don’t look so hot in photos.  So lose them when the camera comes around.  

10.  Red, red, wine....🍷🍷 Don’t drink red wine or your teeth will look grey in photos. I know. I hate this too especially because Cab is my beverage of choice on those rare nights I actually DO out. So here's how I get around that: I drink red wine but only AFTER the cameras have been put away.  Before that I stick to something clear.  

Pet Peeve:  When you're taking a group photo...ESPECIALLY when you bump into a celeb at an event don't take the same darn photo with everyone's phone!

Please give everyone a break and use ONE phone then TEXT the photo to the rest of the people in your group.  People will definitely like you more because of it. 😉


Looking for more tips, tricks or ideas to keep you camera confident and ready? My 10 Tips to Look Better in Photos will help you!  Click the link below and download now! 

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