10 Photoshoot Prep Tips

 Standing Light Founder Leyla Salvade
  1. What should you wear to your shoot? As a general rule, form-fitting outfits photograph better than loose clothing and solid colors photograph better than prints, so if you DO want to wear a pattern try to keep it to a minimum.

  2. What NOT to wear? Loose fitting clothes, too many layers, things that need to be tucked in, anything shiny, capped sleeves, clothes with words or logos - unless you are *specifically* using the words to send a message.

  3. You don’t need expensive clothes. The camera can’t see quality. I’ve had clients buy gorgeous dresses on Amazon for less than $30 and look like a million bucks. You can also RENT fabulous outfits from online sites like Rent the Runway. Shoes? 98 percent of my clients kick theirs off and go barefoot. So spend your money on a pedicure not a new pair of pumps.

  4. Hair & makeup? Go Pro. Hire a professional. It’s worth every. single. penny. Be sure this person is trained in hair and makeup for photoshoots. I found my first pro artist by doing a simple google search. The best part? They’ll come right to YOU so no need for a trip to the salon. You can expect this to cost about $150 depending on where in the country you live. It will be some of the best money you've ever spent.

  5. Determine *where* you’ll need photos. Make a list of every spot you could potentially need a photo. LinkedIn? An upcoming press release? Do you have a blog where you share your favorite recipes? This may be a great spot to have a photo of you prepping food. Share this list with your photographer so you don’t forget anything the day of your shoot.

  6. Explain to your photographer that you’ll need HORIZONTAL photos! Web designers have told me one of the biggest frustrations they have is not enough horizontal shots to work with when designing a site.

  7. Bring a playlist with your favorite music on the day of your shoot on your smartphone. You can carry it around with you and it will definitely help set the mood.

  8. Stay away from salt, alcohol, dairy and processed foods the week before your shoot to help prevent puffiness and breakouts. But do eat a healthy breakfast the morning of the shoot & bring some snacks with you! Most of the time pimples can be photoshopped out but if you DO end up with a giant cyst call your derm and they can give you a cortisone shot and knock that sucker out!

  9. Moisturize like CRAZY the week before your shoot…both the inside and
    outside of your body. You can work on the inside by drinking loads of water

  10. Use Props in your shoot. Props are fabulous for a number of reasons. Firstly, it can be super awkward to have your photos taken. Having a something to DO with your hands can take some of the pressure off. Additionally, props make your photo feel more like a story. They give the viewer an idea of what it might be like to work with you behind the scenes.